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Hello, Everyone.

The overwhelming victories of Democrats running for Governor, U. S. Senator, Attorney General and State Comptroller, coupled with the turnover of State Senate control to a Democratic majority, strongly suggests that Democrats would have won a constitutional convention at-large slate and a majority of senatorial district delegates had they been on the ballot.  A Democratic majority in the convention would not automatically have guaranteed a reform agenda, but it would have been a good start.

Now we have to see if Democratic majorities in both the Assembly and Senate can do the job: prohibiting all forms of gerrymandering; adopting Bill of Rights protections for all New Yorkers; modernizing our commitment to environmental protection; reforming campaign finance rules; creating a strong public ethics commission; restructuring the archaic judicial system; and many more.

Please keep these and other constitutional issues in mind as you interact with our newly elected state officials.  It’s only eighteen years until the next mandatory referendum.

All best,

Hank Dullea