The New York State
Constitutional Convention Clearinghouse

Information Related to New York's Nov. 7, 2017 Constitutional Convention Referendum


New York Charter and Constitutional Convention Chronology


New York had five charters during its colonial era.  Since independence, it has had 9 proposing state constitutional conventions and 2 state constitutional conventions to ratify Federal law (for the original U.S. Constitution in 1788 and the 21st Amendment repealing prohibition in 1933). Since 1821, it has had 12 popular calls to convene a state constitutional convention, including the upcoming 2017 referendum. Since 1846, it has had at least one call or convention every 20 years. Since 1801, New York’s legislature has not restricted a convention’s agenda by statute, and since 1846 has been constitutionally prohibited from doing so for conventions called via the periodic referendum.

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